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Tape edge machine mainly used to seal mattresses. In this tape edge sewing machine, the sewing head does not move, it is fixed and can be adjusted vertically to work with different mattress heights. Also the angle of the head is adjustable for better manipulation. When this industrial sewing machine is working, the conveyor belt move the mattress, for easy sewing and seal the sides.

The mattress tape edge sewing machine can also turn the mattress in 90º automatically, in order to close the other side. Because when you finished the top one, you can activate the flipping arms and flip the mattress.

The speed is reduced in the corners to improve and make the sewing process more precise.

It does not require a big  area for installation, beside that, it can be operated with only one person, because He does not need to be constantly moving around the mattress, saving time and increasing efficiency. Also you will not need additional person to help the operator to flip the mattress.

This industrial sewing machine is made with high quality components, mostly from Europe and the USA, and we guarantee stability, efficiency and durability.

We also complain the electrical standard of European Electrical Standards and AS3000

It is shipped basically assembled, so it is very easy to set it up and start put under production quickly.

Usually this tape edge machine is manufactured by using a Singer Sewing Head. Use standard thread same as the some Quilting Machines that we can provide.

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Technical Information

Mattress Thickness: 150–420mm
Height of Head: 125–450mm
Air Blower: 0.7–1.0Mpa
Production Capacity: 18 u/hr
Total Power: 3kW
Power Supply: 380V 50Hz 3P (220v 60Hz 3p available upon request)
Table Dimensions: 2000x3950x900mm
Equipment Dimensions: 2380x3950x1650mm
Total Weight: 1300kg

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