This machine is used to make quilted fabric. Specialized for production of quilts, bedspreads, upholstery and other applications.

It is a single needle machine (Lockstitch) and can verify the thickness of the quilt and adjust the pressure.

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Once finished working, it begins again with the designs used.
Touch and jump 360º in simple designs; contains 200 designs.
Counts meters quilted, indicating the total per job and per day.
Automatic upper needle system.
Pneumatic thread cutter and sensor to detect the cut thread.
Compensation and design corrector.
Servo Motor.
Designing software and scan designs included.
Automatic feeder and cutter.

Technical information
Maximum Quilting Width: 2350mm
Maximum Quilting Thickness: 70mm
Needle Size: 130/21
Stitch: 2–6mm
Needle Rotation
Speed: 2500rpm
Production Speed: 40–120m/hr
Power: 8.8kW Voltage: 360V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 3P
Total Weight: 3500kg Dimensions: 8600x3740x1900mm

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