This machine’s platform is used to pack and wrap mattresses to save on space and shipping costs. Its features include:

  • Control system via a PLC tactical screen
  • Supports various supply speeds by means of a hydraulic system
  • Supports foam and soft latex mattresses and pocket spring mattresses

Warning: This machine cannot be used with steel-framed mattresses.

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Technical Information

Maximum Machine Mattress Size: 3430x1080x1300mm
Work Table: 2030x2560x800mm
Unloading Table: 1885x507x656mm
Maximum Mattress Size: 2300x2000x100–300mm
Packing Plastic: PE, PVC ≥ 0,11mm. Polypropylene bags
Bag Size: 415mm
Productivity: 2–3 mattress/min
Size of Rolled Object: 450mm
Power Source: 380V 50Hz 3P
Air Pressure: 0,6–0,8mPa
Total Power: 4,1kW

Machine Dimensions: 4812x2678x1300mm

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