MX30DB Border Decoration

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This machine is used to install decorative ribbons on the sides of the mattress. It is very easy to use and it is ideal to produce high level and elegant mattresses

Working full-automatically
Chain stitch sewing head ( Japan)
Electronic location motor
Contrasting tape may be imprinted with manufacturers’ or customers’ logo
Synchronized puller produces pucker-free seam
Thread break detectors
Adjustable size of material
Auto stop for material depletion
Easy to operate, maintenance and service

Technical Information

Sewing head: Chain Stitch (Japan)
Mattress border fabric width: 100 -370mm(adjustable)
Border width: 18mm(adjustable)
3D fabric border width: 85 mm(adjustable)
Non-woven fabric width: 85 mm(adjustable)
Sewing speed: 6 m/min
Power: 0.58 KW
Dimension: 3.6 × 1.5 × 1.6m
Voltage: 1phase 220V 50Hz
Weight: 190k


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