This automatic tape edge machine is mainly used to seal mattresses. The head does not move as it is fixed but can be adjusted vertically to accommodate to different mattress heights. The angle of the head is adjustable. When it is functioning, the conveyor belt handles the mattress for it to be closed.

The machine turns 90º automatically in order to close the other side. The corners are closed when the mattress turns. When all four sides are closed, the machine flips the mattress vertically in order to close the other side.

It requires only one operator that does not need to be constantly moving around the mattress, saving time and increasing efficiency.

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Technical Information

Mattress Thickness: 150–420mm
Height of Head: 125–450mm
Air Blower: 0.7–1.0Mpa
Production Capacity: 18 u/hr
Total Power: 3kW
Power Supply: 380V 50Hz 3P
Table Dimensions: 2000x3950x900mm
Equipment Dimensions: 2380x3950x1650mm
Total Weight: 1300k

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