MX-963A-CN Quilted Panel Cutting

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This machine is used to cut quilted fabric panels allowing greater efficiency and speed in their production.
Air-fed system, air pressure and material push system, photoelectric verification
Disparate aggregate of sharp bands.
It has an infrared encoder that allows you to adjust the length of the padded panel to an exact cut.
Stable, vibration-free and low noise when operating
Specially designed to work with quilting machines

This machine can cut quilted panels as well as mattress side and roll the material. Includes an infrared decoder for setting up the width of the quilted panel for a more precise cut. It’s stable, does not vibrate and makes little noise when functioning.

Technical Information
Dimensions  380*116*230cm (Largo, Ancho, Alto)
Weight  1150kg
Max. Cutting área   2600mm
Max. Thickness  50mm
Speed   10(M/Min)
Power  3.2KW


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