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This automatic foam cutting machine is designed for a high level of productivity allowing high levels of efficiency and productivity to be reached and considerable savings in productions costs and energy consumption.

It is used to cut foam blocks vertically following the requirements of production. The foam is position in between the deflectors or vertical walls and then the machine cuts the foam in the configured thickness. The machine has an auto control system that can be synchronized by time.

The automatic system reduces time, risk and waste increasing production efficiency. It is a very efficient foam cutting tool. The machine can be synchronized by PLC and operated via a touch screen.

Different industries  are using this equipment for cutting foam. Mattress factories, furniture factories and many other factories that produce or need to use foam need this machine.

This machine is very important for any chain production of the foam factories. It can be programmed to cut slides of foam vertically. The thickness of each slide is programmed in the touch screen and it allows to store different thickness.

This foam cutting machine uses a circular blades and can with a grinding wheel system that shape this blades permanently, according to the level of production.

All the electronic components of this foam cutting machine are imported from  Europe, USA or Japan and keep the standard of the USA and European markets.

This foam cutting tool can cut regular flexible foam in blocks of 2m x 2m x 1.2m. Please read more technical specifications below

Different voltages available according to the country:

360v, 50Hz, 3p / 220v, 60Hz, 3p

Technical Information

Blade Size

9900 x 10 x 0.56mm

Sheet Thickness


Total Power


Cutting Speed


Maximum Block Size

2200 x 2000 x 1200mm

Internal Working Area (WxL)

2150mm x 2440mm

Size of the Machine (LxWxH)

5500 x 3400 x 2700mm

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