MacroXport is a company specializes in machinery to manufacture of flexible foam and therefore the mattresses and furniture industry, as well as industrial supplies and wide format paper. We manufacture mostly in China under the brand MX Mattress Machinery, with high level of quality control, oriented to USA and European market.

We also distribute in the USA wide format paper rolls and industrial supplies. We have warehouses in Florida and California to provide a quick response to our customers in the USA.

We have more than 15 years experience to be your reliable source

We mostly export to America, because our mission is to support North, Central and South American producers. Therefore our customers are mainly from English and Spanish speaking countries that need to buy new machinery to build factories or, renew or increase their productive capacity. In this aspect our support is critical to carry out their investments safely in their own language and assuring a good quality level.

Buy machinery is not a process, which can be run high risks. We are witnessing, we assure quality and good price, even depending on the country, we have engineers to make installations. Our philosophy is to sell to our customers what they really need, seeking its economy with good quality. We also handle the hiring of freight and everything you need to place products cheaply and safely in the port of destination.
When you need to build a new production plant, renovate equipment or expand their production capacity, consult, will be happy to help you.

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