This equipment is mainly used to make the double contour of the panels on the sides of mattresses.

It has two synchronized sewing machines  by two AC motors with speed control and frequency converter This tape edge or spike edge machine has variable speed drives and two urethane rollers long lasting. Re-winders tensions material or reels. It has an automatic cutter for surplus material and a vacuum that picks up excess material. It is also equipped with a detection device and yarn breakage joining device auto-stop material.

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Technical Information
Type of edge: Simple and Double
Width of the sew: 5 – 7mm
Width: 150 – 500mm (adjustable)
Working speed: 15 – 30m/min (adjustable)
Maximum thickness: ≤20mm (middle density)
Type of needle: 0 – 6mm, freely adjustable
Max. presser lift: 15mm
Air pressure: 0.5 – 0.8Mpa
Power: 2.5KW

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